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This is a rough zypper road map outlining a few goals we plan to achieve in near future. See also libzypp's roadmap and zypper's TODO file at gitorious.

If you want to help with development you're welcome to join us; take a look at the development for additional information.

Apart from goals mentioned bellow, zypper will also follow new development in Libzypp.

March 2010

More types of solver requests

Use planned new libzypp API to:

  • add several missing do advanced requests like 'install package from specified repo'
  • have --from in all relevant commands
  • make --force useful - define use-cases & implement

E.g. zypper up --from packman amarok could tell you There's an update candidate amarok-2.1 in packman, but won't be installed because of vendor change. Use --force to override

Unified package arguments

Accept the same format (kind:name-evr.arch) of package arguments in all commands which expect them. This includes command like install, remove, update, info.


New Install Progress Reporting

Adapt to new progress reporting system in libzypp.


Info command rewrite

'zypper info' needs a major rewrite into something more useful. No firm plan here yet.

Terse output for machines

Zypper has XML output for machine consumption in several commands. For many use cases XML is not convenient. The terse output would be another type of machine-readable output:

  • --terse global option to switch on the terse mode
  • imply --quiet
  • show only result that can be used by scripts (e.g. if the result is a table, show only the table, nothing else)
  • show all tabular output without decoration, just values separated by some separator (can default to '\t' and can be specified in --terse maybe)

One example is already implemented - the 'versioncmp' command.