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There are lots of ideas about what should be zypper able to do, how the output should look like, and so on. Unfortunately, we don't have resources to code them all. Fortunately, you can help us :O).

Here is one way to do it. Check the following list of bugs and pick up one or few that interests (or bothers) you. Fix it and send us a patch :O) Simple, eh? You can also contact the developers before or while fixing the bug to get help or coordinate the work.

Please note that some of the bugs may need work in libzypp rather than zypper.


These are the bugs that we're 100% sure we won't get to them in near (and far) future. Most of them are feature requests. Here is the list. If you have a bugzilla account, you can even reopen the bug and reassign it to yourself to indicate that you're working on it.

Sorted bugs

These are both the bugs that we plan to fix (but with lower priority) and the above WONTFIX bugs. I'll try to sort them by difficulty/level of experience needed to be able to fix them. Here is an unsorted list, and the sorted one follows.


bug 524787 - add options to ar/mr to enable/disable gpg checking
bug 472517 - add additional baseurl=URIs to a zypper repo from command line (new option for modifyrepo command?)
bug 484806 - pack solver testcases automatically

Somewhat complicated

bug 395754 - Do not ask for user confirmation before installing in some trivial cases (e.g. the requested string exactly equals the name of the only one package to be installed). This behavior must be configurable via zypper.conf.
bug 409370 - --terse global option should enable --quite mode and print tables as simple comma-separated values for machine consumption. Also other output can be adjusted for machine consumption.
bug 368536 - 'did you mean ...?' hint: list packages with similar names if specified package was not found

Нужен эксперт

bug 475723 - вы должны знать. как создавать инфо-страницы

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