NVIDIA/Проблемы с "Установкой в одно нажатие"

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Трудности с "Установкой в одно нажатие"

Иногда "Установка в одно нажатие" работает некорректно или отказывается работать вовсе. Ниже будет рассмотрено как решить проблемы с установкой драйвера, используя простые команды и графические средства. I'm going to take a stab that you're also viewing this from something besides your install since X probably won't start ;)

Первое, что следует сделать - определить тип вашего ядра(чаще всего это default, pae, или xen)

uname -r

В приведенном примере мы имеем default ядро. Также стоит записать первые 3 числа в версии Вашего ядра (2.6.27)

rpm -qa | grep nvidia

Now we see where it messed up. It installed the pae kernel module when "uname -r" is showing default. This is the most common problem. Your kernel type must match the kernel module (nvidia-gfxG02-kmp-xxx).. If it does not, use the following command replacing xxx with your kernel type (default, pae, or xen)

zypper in nvidia-gfxG02-kmp-xxx

Zypper should do it's magic. If "no packages found" then you need the repo; run this command:

zypper ar http://download.nvidia.com/opensuse/11.2 NVIDIA
zypper ar http://download.nvidia.com/opensuse/11.1 NVIDIA
zypper ar http://download.nvidia.com/opensuse/11.0 NVIDIA

Now run the "zypper in" again and it should work. **Since the nvidia repo has the latest opensuse kernel modules, if you're running an older kernel, zypper will download a new kernel which will require a reboot. Without rebooting if you did not get a kernel upgrade, the quickest way to get back to the normal instance (besides startx)

init 3
<press enter because you may not get a prompt>
init 5

Lets cleanup and get rid of that ugly module that doesn't work. Replace yyy with what is NOT your kernel type.

zypper rr nvidia-gfx-G02-kmp-yyy

Note - if you have updated your kernel (e.g. with the automatic Susewatcher service) to a version that is not specifically supported on the download.nvidia.com site, the installer will try to recompile the driver for your kernel flavour. For this to be successful, you MUST have the C-complier (gcc) and kernel-sources installed. The manual method of su to become root, going to init 3, (still as root) executing the downloaded file with sh <filename> and then returning with init 5 should then work.

If you have continued problems with 1-Click install please see Communicate page. IRC will most likely get you the fastest help.