Дополнение openSUSE для Firefox

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SUSEfox — дополнение для Firefox для улучшения интеграции с openSUSE.

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Производитель: openSUSE
Разработчик: Wolfgang Rosenauer
Лицензия: GPL v2
Веб-сайт: http://gitorious.org/opensuse/susefox

О дополнении

  • SUSEfox — дополнение предназначенное для объединения функций, которые слишком специфичны для их включения в состав кодовой базы Firefox не влияющие на исходную функциональность Firefox при их отключении.
  • Оно устанавливается автоматически вместе с фирменным оформлением openSUSE для Firefox, начиная с openSUSE 11.2, но его можно отключить для каждого профиля в диспетчере надстроек.
  • Оно создано на основе расширения UBUFOX от Ubuntu с лицензией GPL и служащим в настоящее время аналогичным целям.

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  • Improved Plugin Finder Service which includes as RPM packaged plugins available in openSUSE repositories. (various Flash players, Java plugins, Moonlight, ...). The install is performed by the YaST2 oneclick installer.
  • Selection dialog to choose a certain plugin for a mimetype. (e.g. you can install gnash and swfdec (both are Flash players) and every user can select which plugin is used in his own Firefox)

Снимки экрана


Firefox' Plugin Finder Service notification


Plugin selector:This UI can be reached from Tools->Manage Content Plug-ins. On the right there is a drop down box which shows all installed plugins and you can choose which one should be used.

If you choose Search... you will enter the Plugin chooser.


Plugin chooser: Upstream results would show up with an earth icon


SUSEfox is meant as a collection of integration features so if anyone has an idea or even want to contribute please contact us (or use the discussion page).


The backend service is running on pluginfinder.opensuse-community.org but the database behind it needs to get updated manually for additional plugins and distributions. In the long term it would be nice to have something integrated in the repository data so all the information can be fetched in an automated way from there.

There are some ideas for the latter how we could enhance our package metadata using RPM Provides

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