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Саша Маннс (Sascha Manns): Geeko нуждается в тебе: Команда Еженедельных Новостей ищет новых переводчиков
"Сейчас вышел уже 113 выпуск Еженедельных новостей openSUSE. Мы имеем несколько переводчиков на другие языки, такие как венгерский, японский, русский. В настоящее время идет работа над переводом на немецкий язык, и мы надеемся вскоре выпустить немецкую версию. В настоящее время мы ищем переводчиков на следующие языки:
* Испанский * Португальский * Польский * Итальянский * Китайский * Тайский * Шведский и * Французский."

В сообществе

Vincent Untz: Help GNOME be present at Idlelo, in Ghana!
"A few weeks ago, the GNOME Foundation has been contacted by the organizers of the Idlelo conference in order to get a GNOME presence during the event. Quoting the website of the event:

IDLELO is one event for FOSS practitioners, developers and advocates as well as governments to showcase results, share experiences and challenges, review progress on the continent in diverse domains and chart a way forward for an African future grounded in true ownership of technology. IDLELO is therefore a premier international forum for the presentation of research results in Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in Africa.

The event will occur in May, in Accra, Ghana."
Cornelius Schumacher: Are you up for a new challenge in the SUSE Studio team?
"Last time I blogged about open positions in the SUSE Studio team we were just preparing the first public alpha of SUSE Studio. We were excited about our application, but we didn't know what users would say. Now we are running SUSE Studio Online with more than 50.000 registered users. We have released an onsite version as part of the SUSE Appliance Toolkit, have won awards, and we get a lot of fantastic feedback. We have achieved a lot. To sustain this growth and success we are looking for some smart people to join our team. This could be you."
Brent McConnell: What Communities Are Not
"I recently stumbled across a great post called Communities Manifesto by Stan Garfield that I highly recommend. In his post Mr. Garfield lays out 10 principals that define community and also has suggestions for helping them grow and mature."
Джулио Ваннини (Julio Vannini): FLISOL 2010 в Никарагуа
"Ребята из сообщества openSUSE в Никарагуа готовят большое событие в городе Гранада в Никарагуа в Центральной Америке. После некоторых соглашений и обсуждений с Никарагуанским LUG (Linux User Group) сообществом SUSE-Ni назначила проведение FLISOL 24 апреля."

Состояние дел


Команда развития

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google analytics on
"Hi, Novell marketing is tracking our pageviews with google analytics ( ). I think we can make use of this data to optimize our pages, and it would be worth to do a sprint with this."

Служба сборки

Встреча команды сборки
Краткие результаты встречи
Richard Bos: Build your own Google Earth rpm
"The last days I’ve spent some time to investigate how to package Google Earth into an rpm. There was already a script called make-google-package available on the internet, but this one creates a debian package only. However, it was a good start to get me going to create a Google Earth (GE) rpm. Although I met quite some obstacles, which is not to uncommon in package building, I was still able to come up with a procedure a get GE packaged. The biggest problem I encountered were incorrect library dependencies, for which I opened issue 702 in the Google Earth issue tracker. Anyway to make a long story short: the rpm installs Google Earth system wide, corrects file permissions, для openSUSE_11.2 it takes care that the font is rendered correctly, the rpm takes care that Google Earth integrates nicely with the rest of the openSUSE system."
OBS 1.7.2 got released
"We are proud to announce the availability of the OBS 1.7.2 release.
The new version comes with a number of bug fixes, but also with some new features back ported from master branch. The new functionality allows to use existing LDAP servers for authentication. The new instances can be setup more easily now via the admin web interface, esp the OBS Appliance."

Советы и приемы


Для пользователей рабочих столов

Make Tech Easier/Joshua Price: How to Create Space Scenes Quickly and Easily in Gimp
"I’m a sucker for a cool space wallpaper, and judging by the images I find online, so are many of you. Creating a cool space scene can be done in a few minutes once you’ve got the basic method down, and Gimp provides several ways to go about adding random elements to keep things interesting. In this guide we’ll cover a 10 minute method to creating a galactic landscape that may not win you any awards but will certainly add some depth to your desktop."
Linux Magazine/Джо Брокмейер (Joe Brockmeier): Vimperator: Использование Firefox в стиле Vim
"Хотите получить полный контроль с помощью клавиатуры над Firefox? Устали пользоваться мышкой при посещении web-страниц? Firefox имеет хороший набор клавиатурных команд по умолчанию, но если Вы хотите полностью перейти на управление с помощью клавиатуры, то обратите свое внимание на вдохновленное Vim расширение Vimperator."

Для пользователей командной строки

ITworld/Сандра Генри-Стокер (Sandra Henry-Stocker): Unix подсказки: Sed и Awk -- Остаются дружественными после всех этих лет
"Даже после десятилетий использования Unix на сотнях систем I нахожу, что остается удовольствиие, связанное с открытием использования различных связок команд для sed и awk для использования волшебства командной строки. Существует намного больше команд для каждого из этих инструментов, чем те, что я использую в повседневности. Давайте взглянем на однострочные команды, которые, возможно, вы еще не пробовали."

Для разработчиков и программистов

Luca Beltrame (einar77): PyKDE4: new style signals and slots
"Those who use PyQt and PyKDE4 are certainly familiar with the syntax used to connect signals and slots: ..."
TuxRadar: The newbie's guide to hacking the Linux kernel
"You don't need a PhD in computer science and years of experience to hack the kernel. Sure, they help, but the nature of Linux development means that it's open to all by default. All you have to do is get stuck in. You use the Linux kernel in whatever shape or form every day; wouldn't you feel just the tiniest swell of pride if you'd helped work on it, no matter in how small a way?
We asked prolific kernel hacker (and Linux Format reader!) Greg Kroah-Hartman to tell us what it takes for newbies to patch the Linux kernel - here's what he had to say..."
Linux Magazine/Jeffrey B. Layton: Intro to IO Profiling of Applications
"One of the classic problems in designing storage solutions is that we don’t know what kind of IO performance applications need. We may have some empirical knowledge, “switching to SSD’s improved by wall clock time by 25%,” or, “adding an extra drive improved my application performance by 11%.” While this information is helpful to some degree what is missing is the understanding of why performance improved and by extension, what are the driving mechanisms behind the performance improvement. Perhaps equally important for the application developers is that understanding the driving forces of IO performance for your application can be used to improve the IO performance, if needed."

Новые и обновлённые приложения для openSUSE

Packman: FrostWire 4.20.3-1446
"FrostWire is a gnutella client written in Java. It supports a number of advanced features like ultrapeers (like FastTrack's supernodes), automatic download retries, freeloader punishment, etc."
Packman: Miro 2.5.4
"Miro is a free application that turns your computer into an internet TV video player. It's a free, open source Internet TV and video player that can automatically download videos from RSS-based channels. Features a built-in BitTorrent client."

Уголок проектов


Уголок для освещения деятельности субпроектов * внутри * OpenSuse.

Проект GNOME

Robert Schweikert: Setting up a slide show screen saver in GNOME
"There are multiple options to set up a slide show screen saver that shows the pictures of your choosing when the screen saver kicks in. The following shows the various options and works with the gnome-screensaver.
Easy does it
The most direct way to get a slide show screen saver going is to place your pictures in the $HOME/Pictures directory, then start the GNOME screen saver settings dialog by using gnome-screensaver-preferences from the command line or by selecting the Screensaver icon in the Control Center (gnome-control-center). In the screen saver settings dialog select “Pictures folder” and click “Close”."
Sandy Armstrong: Tomboy 1.1.4 Brings Automatic Synchronization
"Monday I released Tomboy 1.1.4. Last month's 1.1.2 release was actually the first to feature automatic note synchronization (herein referred to as 'autosync'), but in 1.1.4 the feature is less annoying and you can actually turn it on in the Preferences UI. Here's the only possible autosync screenshot: ..."

Планета SUSE

Lenz Grimmer: How to get your product bundled with Linux distributions
" I recently received a question from Robin Schumacher at Calpont, the makers of the InfiniDB analytics database engine for MySQL: "How would you recommend we try and get bundled in with the various Linux distros?"
Since this question has come up several times before, I thought it might make sense to blog about my take on this."
Will Stephenson: Panel Drawers in KDE

Michal Hrušecký: MySQL Version Updates
"Few weeks ago I was at FOSDEM. It was really amazing experience. I meet many interesting people, learned quite some thing and I returned full of enthusiasm. Open Source events are really great.
But all the fun wasn't over even after the FOSDEM. I spent few more days in Bruxelles attending MySQL packagers meeting organized by SUN/Oracle. We spent quite some time talking to each other. We learned what MySQL people are doing and how. And they learned how do we deal with MySQL and what is troubling us. And many good things will come from this."
Andrew Wafaa: Community Discussion - Part1
"I thought it would be a good idea to try and engage you – the fine openSUSE community – in discussion about "Us" the Community. We seemed to have been spoiled by having a Community Manager, people kind of seemed to let him do the work or worse expected him to do so. Now that we don't have that position any more we need to go back to basics and start rolling our sleeves up. We've started but we have much to do. As such this is the first in I'm not sure how many posts on the subject."
Pavol Rusnak: openSUSE Live!
"A few days ago Michal blogged about a public virtual machine by our dear friend Jaromir Cervenka. Time flew by, Jaromir installed the latest Milestone 3 to the machine and the project is now available from the new and easy to remember domain (thanks darix for driving this). The new frontpage also contains the instructions in English how to access it via VNC and SSH client or directly inside the browser."

Форумы openSUSE

11.3 Milestone 3 results
"Some discussion of testing 11.3 with bug reports and work arounds. Makes for interesting reading if you are running 11.3 or even thinking of it."
Compiz in 11.2 KDE
"Users who want to use Compiz in KDE have to forgo kde-pure and bring in Gnome packaging. As a KDE user myself I no longer bother with Compiz."
Huge Dependencies!
"New installs will at some point bring in a multitude of additional packages as well as Updates. It seems to perplex some users, which may be understandable if they have a poor internet connection. With no shortage of space and a hight speed line, I tend to just go with the flow - mostly."
Recovering Journal
"Certainly worth Googling things you don't understand and IMO it would be good practice to backup anything important in this situation."

В сети



Aaron Seigo (aseigo): Plasmate 0.1-alpha2
"I just tagged and uploaded a tarball for Plasmate 0.1-alpha2. Plasmate is our Plasma add-on creation tool and we're aiming for a summer release. Improvements since the alpha 1 release last month include not only a large number of bug fixes (thanks to everyone who tried it out and reported issues they came across!) but also some great new features, of which probably the most cool one is the online integration which allows you to grab a Plasmoid via GetHotNewStuff and instantly start working on it as well as upload your own creations using your account."
Qt 4.7.0 Tech Preview Released!
"Today we have released the absolute latest version of Qt for all those cutting edge folks that want to try out the newest stuff – The Qt 4.7 Tech Preview.
The 4.7.0 TP is the first step of the 4.7 release cycle, and our goal is to showcase our newest technology (such as Qt Quick) and solicit feedback so that we may improve it before locking down our APIs down for the beta. Although the quality isn’t at production level quite yet, it should be good enough for demonstrating the new features we have in mind for 4.7 final. The final 4.7.0 release is scheduled for around mid 2010, pending feedback on the new features/designs, and the overall product quality."

Приглашение к участию T-Shirt Design Contest
"As of today, people can buy t-shirts, hats, coffee mugs, stickers and other items that display the unique culture of Linux from the Merchandise Store. This allows us all to support The Linux Foundation activities while letting our Linux geek flags fly.
The designs you see on the items today are limited to the creativity of a select few who helped us get the Merchandise Store launched. But we know that the best ideas come from the community, not one company or organization, just like in the Linux developer community.
So, we’re inviting you to submit your design to appear on a t-shirt in the Merchandise Store"


h-online/Thorsten Leemhuis: Kernel Log: Linux 2.6.34 goes into testing
"Linus Torvalds has released the first RC of Linux 2.6.34 and completed the integration of the next version of the kernel's most important changes. Improvements include graphics drivers for recent Radeon GPUs and for the graphics cores of some Intel processors that are only expected to be released early next year. Another new addition is the LogFS file system."
CSO/Joseph Guarino: Seven Firefox Plug-ins That Improve Online Privacy
"As strange as it might sound, there are times when I wish for the old days of the Internet circa the early 1990's. The days of Mosaic and Lynx, where there was no Flash, no Javascript and no Java. A simpler time where protecting your privacy and security wasn't as essential as it is today.
Time travel isn't an option for securing my browser. But Firefox gives me it all and then some. The number-two browser (with 32 percent market share), Firefox is a cross platform, standards based, open source browser. It is feature rich and has supernumerary add-ons to extend its functionality. In the spirit of Open Source, its community maintains a focus on security and has a strong record of swiftly patching known vulnerabilities, faster in some cases than most others in the market."

Обзоры и статьи

Linux User & Developer/John Brandon: HP Elite 7000 Microtower review
"In an age when Linux has become a powerful platform for development work, graphics processing and video production, it’s a welcome relief to see a mid-range system built for people who may or may not have experience with Linux. The HP Elite 7000 Microtower is quite capable: it has an Intel i7 860 2.8GHz quad-core processor with an 8MB L2 cache and an ATI Radeon HD 4550 graphics card built for Blu-ray movie playback. Meanwhile, with just 3GB of RAM, an 160GB SATA hard disk and little design flare, the Elite 7000 is not exactly a performance rig. The saving grace: the system can come equipped with Novel SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 and is extremely easy to upgrade."
TechSource/jun auza: Text-to-Speech Software for Linux
"Text-to-Speech Software for Linux: If you've been using Mac OS X or Windows Vista before, you may be a bit disappointed to learn that there's no speech synthesizer or text-to-speech (TTS) application that is installed by default on your Linux distribution. For those of you who don't know what a speech synthesizer is, it's simply a computer program that converts normal language text into speech. Text-to-speech software can be of great help particularly for people who are visually impaired and those who are mute."


HELP NET SECURITY/Mirko Zorz: Q&A: Google hacking
"Everyone who uses the internet knows that Google is the answer to every question. Google is a powerful search engine, and also a tool. Being such a good tool, almost like everything else on the internet today, Google’s capabilities are unfortunately being misused. To keep up to date, typically a security researcher refers to Google. This helps him learn more about new hacking trends, tools, and previous hacking incidents. Unfortunately, unless you are a hacker yourself, you cannot imagine what a hacker can be up to, since a typical security researcher can be quite naive and innocent, when compared to a real hacker. Therefore by searching and learning more on previous incidents, one can increase his knowledge and will perform better at securing websites and web applications."

Прошедшие события и встречи

Грядущие события и встречи

Обновления безопасности


Для просмотра полных объявлений безопасности, или для получения их по мере выхода, обращайтесь к списку рассылки openSUSE Security Announce.

SUSE Security Announcement: Linux kernel (SUSE-SA:2010:016)

  • Пакет: kernel
  • ID объявления: SUSE-SA:2010:016
  • Дата: Пн, 08 мар 2010 11:00:00 +0000
  • Относится к продуктам: openSUSE 11.0


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